What Is A Landing Page

I want to break it down into a simple form so you can see how an easy opt-in or landing page can skyrocket your business. Almost any business can benefit from a landing page and let me explain why.

Example real estate landing page from redfin.com. This is more than just a simple opt-in but it is a well put together landing page.

Why A Landing Page Is Important

So take a look at this photo below and let’s break it down…

Get traffic, capture the leads and build the relationship! Photo from the book Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson.

Steps Broken Down

The landing page steps explained,

Step #1Traffic Temperature

  • Traffic temperature ranges from HOT to COLD. If you don’t know what that means, HOT Traffic= People who are looking for your offer or product and are easy to convert. This kind of traffic may also be people who already know you and are looking forward to opting into your landing page.
  • COLD Traffic= Traffic that doesn’t know you or your company or they have never seen your offer before. This is the hardest to convert.
  • WARM Traffic= People who may have been interested in a product or service like yours before. Once you bring up the kind of offer they’ve been looking for to warm traffic, they will typically opt-in if your landing page looks nice. (more on that later).

Step #2 Your Pre-Frame Bridge

  • A pre-frame is like a pre-sell before they look at your landing page. EX: “Click the link below if you’re interested in boosting your conversion ratio on your landing pages! Click Here To See How…
  • The whole point of the pre-frame is so the traffic can get an idea of what’s being offered. So when someone reads that ad copy, they will think to themselves.. “I’d love to boost my conversions!” BANG, they’re pre-framed.

Step #3-#4 Qualify Subscribers/Buyers

  • Now I’ll be honest here. Not everyone that visits your page will opt-in. That’s not a bad thing either! Because you only want to be working with the people that want your offer.
  • Depending on your industry, you will know how to qualify someone. For example, if you’re a Realtor or insurance agent, a 17 Year old is not your target market.
  • Going back to the “Boost Conversions” offer, your landing page might say “How to use video to get more opt-in’s!“. People who aren’t interested in video will leave your page AND this is good! Because remember, you’ll only be working with or talking to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Step #5 Identify Buyers In Heat

  • You don’t really need to know too .much on this for simple landing pages. Buyers in heat are just people who buy on the spot and as they say …” A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”
  • Once someone works with or buys from you, they’re likely to keep on doing that.

Step #6 Age And Ascend The Relationship (Extremely Important)

  • The fortune is in the follow up“. You’ve most likely heard this before and it’s true. With a landing page, you will have an opt-in with a lead magnet (Get this secret trick:Learn How To Boost Conversion, ETC) Then after they enter in their email, your auto-responder will send that to them.
  • What’s an autoresponder or best one? An auto-responder is just an emailing software you can hook-up to your landing page so when someone opts-in, they will be automatically sent your email.
  • You can build out an auto-responder stream ( Multiple emails that send over a span of days or weeks automatically) this will build your relationship with this lead so you can nurture them into a payday.
  • Check out an awesome emailing software and they gave me a free “What To Write” course to give away to my readers!:) Get that here.

Step #7 Change The Selling Environment

  • After you’ve built and nurtured your list, it will become easier and easier to get these people to buy from you or use your service.
  • A great example for this is a secret method I like to use comes from your email list you build from your landing page.
  • Most email services allow you to track who opens your emails and which ones they open/how many times they opened it…
  • If you’re sending emails to a list of 100 people and 20 of those people open all of your emails then you have 20 die hard fans or buyers that you have built a great relationship with. You can even send them a personal email to thank them for being a subscriber.

Make Sure You Have A Great Landing Page

This subject alone could go on to be extremely long. Do you want done for you landing pages? Then check out the #1 landing/funnel building page company out here. You can see example pages and why so many are successful with them. They will also show you how to make a great looking page so you can convert more visitors!

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