How To Make Money On Youtube

Let me lay out for you the top ways that Youtubers are using to make money on Youtube, even if they have a small channel…


The 3 Ways Youtubers Make Money…

Let’s jump right into it! How to make money on Youtube?

  1. Through Youtube Adsense – This is when you’re watching a Youtube video and an ad pops up. That means that the person who owns the channel has reached Youtube’s requirements to enable adsense on their videos. Youtube pays the video maker per ad view.

Last I checked, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of watch time to qualify.

2. They’re selling their own course or products – This is pretty self explanatory but it’s when someone is making videos to promote their service or a course they created. People do this for almost every niche you can think of and you can start making sales no matter how many subscribers you have.

3. Affiliate Marketing (MY FAVORITE) – This is my favorite because you don’t need to create your own products or service! You just need to sign up for affiliate networks or visit the companies website of products you love to use and scroll down to the bottom and see if they have an affiliate program.

You’ve seen it before. Where if you watch a video and they say to click the link in the description or you’re reading the description and there are URL’s to click on, they’re most likely affiliate links. (More on this below)

How Do I Get Started

Whether you have a Youtube Channel now or not, I’d definitely recommend you download this free Google Chrome Plug in Called TUBE BUDDY that will help you with your Youtube SEO. (Not many people know about this)

Click the banner to download for free.

You will want to make sure that if you’re putting in all the time to make videos, that you also know what keywords to target and what to improve so your SEO is better and more people can view your video. TubeBuddy is what will help you with this.

What’s The Fastest Way To Start Making Money With Youtube

Here is the fastest way to start making money and also somethings you need to consider… So how to make money on Youtube with affiliate products?

When promoting affiliate products on Youtube, there is 1 way that trumps all. That way is doing reviews of that product. Here are some EXTREMELY helpful tips I want you to know.

There are 2 ways you can get paid by a company as an affiliate.

  1. You get paid 1 time for each product you sell– Ex. Product costs $200… As an affiliate you get $80 of that if they buy through your link.
  2. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE WAY- Reoccurring…. That means you get paid every month by the company you’re promoting from your one sale! (Passive Income)

Example of the reoccurring model that I love. If you promote a software that charges someone every month to remain an active member, then that company can pay you a portion of that every month that member stays active.

Let’s say you join one of the #1 Affiliate programs out there, which you can do right here for FREE (P.S This company will also pay for your dream car too. Find out more here.)

They charge $97/mo for their software….As an Affiliate, you get 40% of that…so you’re making around $38/Mo per member that signs up through you’re link and stays active…So let’s say you sign up 50 people…

You’d be making $1,940 a MONTH of passive income after they sign up! And you continue to get paid. So imagine if you have 100 Active Members?

Get 100 Active members and not only will they give you a $500/Mo bonus but they’ll also pay for your Dream Car! Sign Up for FREE

How To Get Started Quickly

What most people do is review the software or products they use on Youtube and then direct their viewers to visit the description to get access to what they’re reviewing.

Example with the software above is people will promote the sales funnels and show viewers what they look like and how they work. (You don’t need to build any because they give you a bunch for free)

Or they will make niche specific funnels and you’ll be able to give them away for free. Then when they click on your share link to get the funnel, they will create an account and you’ll start to get paid!

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