How To Make A Million Dollars

I want to write a quick article for you to show you one of the easiest ways (That I was shown) that outlines how to make a million dollars in a year or less.


How To Make A Million Dollars In A Year

I know that the title maybe far fetched and I would of thought that too until I learned what I’m about to share.

So here it is, I learned this from Grant Cardone one day and this really made me realize why so many people were able to make a Million dollars. Also I want to show you a really great resource that has shortcut this process for a lot of people.

This Is What Changed My Mind

From Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Booklet.

I don’t know about you but this really made me start to think about all sorts of different ideas… I started to think about all the people selling membership services and different products and it all made sense.

I watched a webinar and someone was selling their product for $997. So if they sell that product to around 1,000 people then they will hit that $1 Million mark!

How To Come Up With A Product Or Service To Sell

The next question I asked myself was “How do I come up with a product or service to sell!?” That lead me to research because I knew a lot of other people had that question. What I found was exactly what I was looking for.

All these people with this same question kept pointing to a series of books. When researched, I found out that these resources I’m about to show you have indeed made millionaires.

These same millionaires had the same question, went through what I’m about to show you and are wildly successful.

A kid who was a pizza delivery boy read this book, put it into action and made over $50,000 in one month…No joke. I thought it was a complete lie but after a ton of research…It’s 100% true.

Expert Secrets is the book! To get the Black Box, when you’re buying Expert Secrets you will have the option to upgrade to the Black Box.

These books will walk you through how to get paid for the information you know, how to advertise and how to be on your way to making a million dollars. It’s an absolute must have.

You can also jumpstart this process and check out the insanely valuable One Funnel Away Challenge.

Expert Secrets $0 + Shipping

Book Title: Expert Secrets

Book Description: This book will walk you through how to get paid for the information you know. Whether you want to create your own products or service, this book will teach you how to make money with what you know.

Book Author: Russell Brunson

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  • Funnel Hackers Black Box


This book will blow you away! I highly recommend upgrading to the Funnel Hackers Black Box. This book has takin completely new people who have no clue how to start an online business and have created them to become millionaires or highly paid just for what they know.

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  • Expert Secrets is HIGHLY recommended by many. 
  • Many success stories have been created from this book alone.
  • Expert Secrets is free, just cover the shipping. 


  • The biggest con is that most wish they didn’t find these book sooner.

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