What Exactly Is A Sales Conversion Funnel & How To Use It For Marketing 

 A sales funnel is a ninja way (Compared to a traditional website) to turn COLD traffic into HOT traffic by taking them through a laser targeted page. Let's break down and answer the question of what it is, why they're so popular and why they continue to dramatically increase in usage every year... 

"The large increase in conversions & overall customers that stay on my site has nearly TRIPLED since I switched over to more of a marketing funnel than traditional website."

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 The whole point of it is to take traffic down a laser targeted path to buy your product, service or capture their info as a lead. Let's say 10 people enter your marketing funnel (For whatever industry your in). Your page is built to capture leads, so a really great way to do that is a VSL page (Video Sales Letter) I'll explain the different kinds here soon.

Marketing page template

Here is an example of a super simple one. Straight to the point and designed to do ONE THING. Click That Button.

 Now it doesn't have all sorts of different tabs everywhere and distractions like your normal website does. Traffic (I'll tell you some awesome ways to get traffic coming up) with a website typically has a low conversion rate because they're not setup correctly, where as a good marketing funnel will capture 6-8 out of those 10 people...It's great that not everyone opted in! WHY!? Because that means you're only dealing with serious prospects who like what you're offering!

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What Are The Different Types

There are many but I will list the most popular.

  • VSL. Video Sales Letter. These are my favorite because video converts well and you can build trust instantly.
  • Squeeze Page. Used to capture leads.
  • Membership. To sell memberships to a coaching program or group.
  • Webinar. These are to generate opt-ins to your webinar.
  • Lead Magnet. Give away a freebie in exchange for their email usually.
  • Product Launch. To sell your products or services.
  • And many more....

How To Get Traffic To Fill It Up

 So pretty much EVERY business needs customers to survive. Those customers come from different traffic sources through some sort of marketing strategy. Let's go through some of the popular traffic sources to fill up your funnel. 

sales funnel template

Photo from the book Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson

So after you've put together your offer or product to sell, it's time to find the people who will BUY it! You will need to know who your ideal customer is and where they like to hangout!

Best advertising platforms right now & their costs.

  1. 1
    FaceBook- You can go into very deep targeting detail to run ads to the right people. Largest Platform in the world. Prices are going up so the proper targeting/offer is key.
  2. 2
    YouTube- The cost to run YouTube ads is extremely cheap right now (I'm talking a few cents a VIEW) ! It's incredibly powerful & you also don't pay unless someone actually watches a full 30-seconds of your ad...Cool right?
  3. 3
    Instagram- A majority of the people who buy things on Instagram are 25 and over. The amount of ACTIVE users on it is insane. FaceBook owns Instagram and the cool thing about Insta is that you can run powerful "Instagram Story Ads" for really cheap right now too. 

Review Of The Best Softwares To Build Them

 So I want to show you the BEST platforms to use to build these pages backed by the reason why they're ranked that way so you can make a decision on which you like best. I'll tell you what I like best and it's not what most people think it is...

These are all trials I tracked down or negotiated to get for my readers.



Does It Have A Trial

Level of skill needed




#1 Ranked Builder

Beginner + Done For You Templates 

MASSIVE amount of features...


#2 Ranked Builder

Page Building skills needed

Mainly just a page builder. Has integrations/Great support.


#3 Ranked Builder

Need to be experienced because this software is buggy...

A lot of cool features BUT it's buggy & They don't work too well.

#4 Ranked Builder

Easy to use & Lightning fast.

Lightining fast load times & templates. Lacks some features.

#1 - Kartra

Kartra is becoming one of the top sales funnel software builders out there right now. BUT that's not all it is... It is a true All-In-One marketing platform that is incredibly powerful for almost any business. 

 The reason our site highly recommends it in this review as #1 is because you NEED more than just a software builder. 

  • Prewritten sales copy for your pages. (Save you hundreds vs hiring)
  • Easy To Use Kartra Page Builder.
  • CRAZY effective email tools with in depth tracking. 
  • Outstanding video Software.
  • Soooo Much More...
Kartra review

 You need something that can store and track your leads. Send emails and a whole lot more! That's why Kartra ABSOLUTELY blows me away with what it can do. Watch the demo by clicking on the button above and prepared to be BLOWN away. 

I'll have to say, I've used almost every funnel builder under the sun and not one comes close to Kartra. All the other companies charge you a high amount JUST for the page builder. Kartra has that and WAY more. You'd be crazy not to go with them if you used it or saw it in action.


Online Marketer

#2 - ClickFunnels

 If you've EVER dove into online marketing or researched about how to build a high converting page then you've most likely heard of this company. ClickFunnels is a software company ran by Russell Brunson who is an EXTREMELY good internet marketer. 

  • Easy To use most of the time.
  • Has a lot of templates you can already use.
  • Great community & support.
  • Doesn't come with a whole lot of features for the price.

All THOUGH we don't rate it #1. This is still one of the top platforms and highly recommended to use. It will definitely help you get the job done and to be HONEST... I use to use this platform before switching over to our #1 Ranked platform.

#3 - Builderall

 So this review is a little TRICKY... Builderall is a platform that also offers similar to what our #1 Ranked company does but here's the thing...It's so INCREDIBLY buggy! They've got a lot of cool features (When they work) but the company is sort of new and it's definitely not for the beginner. Just because the price may be good, you need to look into it deeper. 

 This is a software that may be good to use if you're looking for some extra features but on an EXTREME budget. You also don't mind working with a buggy platform and having a lot of patience.

#4 -

 This company is fairly new and I've been playing around with their builder. It is pretty simple to use and their big thing is that "Our pages have lighting fast load times". Which is extremely important to have. 

  • Easy To Use.
  • Lightining Fast Page Load Times.
  • Has a few cool features & is inexpensive.

A COUPLE things to know about this builder. It may require some tech skills when it comes to connecting a domain. Also it is a newer company so some people don't want to rely fully on it for their business as the support takes longer and they may constantly be changing things. I'd honestly recommend this over Builder-all though but don't expect it to do anything advanced. 

Should You Try It Out?

 If you have an online business or even one that's not online, I'd highly recommend checking out our #1 Ranked recommendation. As in All-In-One Platform it works as a CRM, Email Marketing, video marketing, sales funnel builder and a WHOLE lot more. 

 You've got nothing to lose just by taking a demo. 

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